Friday, August 21, 2009


I have neglected this blog for months but will try to learn how to use it and keep it moving. Had a fantastic two weeks in Harwich Port on Cape Cod. Was planning to paint outside - plein air - but it rained almost every day. Instead I took photos that I could not print out so I pretended I was working from life by working from my computer image...making it bright and alive.... a great experience that I have continued doing at home in my studio. You may want to try this. Hubby has put a high shelf in my painting room so I can keep the computer screen high and I can paint standing up. Then I can hold the end of those long handle brushes and splash on the paint!!!

Hope to learn how to work this blog so I can share information with my students. A great link is for art lessons, art information, and art competitions. Entering competitions is usually a lot of work requiring slides that need to be professionally done along with following specific directions. The cost of this one is $9 per entry. All is easily done over the internet. The big thing I had to learn was how to make my photos the size that they demand. If you have questions about that drop me a line at JMcGrathArt@gmailcom
Also is nice to view some of the other art that is being submitted.

Enough for today...Hope we can use this site to keep in touch.

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