Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here I am today in Ocala painting all day with OPAP (Ocala Plein Air Painters)!
Set up my easel & umbrella at 7:30  A.M. and painted until 2 P.M.  Forgot my chair so was on my feet all day... which was great because I paint looser when I stand up.  They held a political "Tea Party" gathering in the park which brought out crowds of people so it felt like the days when I worked on a mall!  Talked to lots of people and hope that I picked up a few 
new portrait class students and portrait jobs.
Best of all, I learned how to set up my big umbrella easel without using a table. I balanced my paints on the support bars that are under the canvas shelf and I hang my terp. container, brush holder and towel paper.  As the weather get cooler you may be seeing me with this setup around the Villages!!!!

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