Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's project!

Here is the painting I did outdoors in Ocala.    The statue of the blue horse was to be my focal point and I had not planned  on other artists sitting in my view.  I love to put people in my pictures and was delighted to see this lovely gal!!!  She made my day!! I had a rust color underpainting on the canvas and within two hours had the whole canvas covered with paint.  Then the crowds came for the "Tea Party" and I started to "play" with the painting by rubbing out areas with my Viva towel paper.  People coming by had commented that they liked the edges rubbed out in my other paintings so I rubbed off all the paint in the corners and around the edges.  I had tried paint to catch the glow of the orange-like building in the background to no avail so I tried rubbing that out and finally got the "glow" I was looking for!  So it turned out to be a real fun painting -  like something I had never done before.  If the crowd had not obscured my view all that probably never would have happened!!!
I am excited about doing more of this kind of painting.  Feels good to have some new projects in mind.

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