Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrursday, Sept. 10, 2009

Good Morning!!!  Working at getting my act together for the Plein Air International PaintOut in Ocala at Brick City on Saturday.  Over a month ago I took photos around the square and picked this spot to set up...but I have to stand in the sun so I must use my bigger easel that holds my big umbrella!  Then I will have to  have a table, a chair and my lunch!!... Afraid it will look like I am camping on that corner!!!! All the artists will be wearing the same white T-shirt announcing the event.  We are all suppose to arrive at 8 A.M. and paint until 2:30... Then we set up our art in the square to sell until 5 P.M.... Just hope I can keep I hate the heat!!!!  Would be wonderful if you could come by and say "Hello".   Dear hubby will probably spend the day at Panera working on his Sunday sermon. (hope he stops by to see me for lunch).
Must practice mixing greens!  I am determined to use a limited pallet which means just viridian and a few yellows to mix with green and my two blues..(I might sneak in a fabulous cadmium green that I just cannot mix!)

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