Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy learning!!!

Seems like I have been on this computer for two days!  Just had to make  up my mind to stick with it and learn how to keep building this blog.  Most of my time has been in building the "shop for Janet's art" site. It feels good to have almost all my art displayed in one place with their prices.  I have no plans to move on to having prints made so if someone buys a painting they will have the one and only.  Now I have to find out how to get people to look at my art!  Appreciate anything you can do to introduce this blog to others and I invite you to sign up as one of my "followers".
I just added "Perfect Christmas Gift" on the right to encourage folk to write to me about a possible pastel portrait and class information.
Let me know if you have any advice or comments that will help me reach out with this blog.

Just started to look at all the videos that go with added it to my list of sites and am excited about what is being said. I know that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has given me the free gift of eternal life but I so often feel like such a failure in my life in Him.  I think this link has an answer.  Would love to hear your response to what it is saying.... it would be such an encouragement to me.

P.S. I just cancelled myself out of facebook....This blogging is all I have time to deal with!

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