Saturday, October 3, 2009

Enjoyed making these two pastels today in Eustis park with my OPAP group.  Got there at 8 A.M. and found a nice shady gazebo by the water to set up my easel.  This second one was done on some red velvet paper that someone had given to me years ago.  I loved the color but was disappointed that the surface did not allow me to build up my pastel. It is a portrait of Joyce, another artist. Can you see her in the right, near the corner?

This one was done on pastel sandpaper and was a lot easier to work with.  I first used my little water color set to wash in the design and then attacked it with the pastel color.  That's Jose' working on his fantastic oil painting!!!  I think I have converted to pastel for these outside painting ventures.  So much faster and easier.   Dear hubby took me to lunch in Mt. Dora...! 

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