Friday, October 16, 2009


On the right of this page I have just listed some art websites that you may like to check out.  Most of them are artists that I have had the privilege to study under... Dan Greene, Burt Silverman, Clayton Beck (great teacher), Romel dela Torre, Howard Sanden, David Leffel and Albert Handell.  Just found that Nelson Shank demo.  This information is mostly all about painting from life and not working with photos.
I feel like I studied with Richard Schmid because I have devoured his book and made all his color charts. I also saw him do a demo at a Portrait Society conference. Both Clayton Beck and Romel dela Torre studied under Schmid and teach his method in different ways.  When you pay the money to study under any teacher try your best to do everything they do and say even if it does not fit your method or it is a waste of your time and money.  When you get home you can decide what to use or throw out.   Each one has his own way of making a painting.  You are an individual and must paint the way you see and need to to work.  Schmid likes to work slowly...think before each stroke... washes in the basic feel of the image and then paint the point of interest making each stroke the first and last... then work out. I admire this and have tried to work this way but I need to work more all over before I go into detail. Leffel and Qiang are fabulous for forcing you to see beyond the objects and learn to simply see light falling on form...this can get real abstract in the details...lots of thick paint and brushwork.
I am slowly discovering that I am the most happy painting the way I learned at age 18 in Boston Museum School when we basically used the old master method. Qiang seems to start this way before using thick paint.  He covers the canvas with a mixture of Ult. blue & Burnt Sienna and then rubs it down to a midtone value. Then he maps out the big shapes and drawing... no detail... then uses same mixture to add darks and finally he just wipes out the lights... Now I can see all my values and decide if it will work....and then paint with the color... trying to make each stroke the right color, value and direction so that I won't have to "play" with it any more.   I am still trying to decide on the least colors I need to use.  Qiang does not squeeze out any green so that means knowing how to mix each blue & yellow to get the green I want.  He also has the discipline I want to learn... To take time to just look and make the right decision before making a stroke and not to just paint frantically over and over the same spot.
I never planned to write all of this...You know me when I  get started talking... I just can't stop.  Tonight hubby and I are going to see and hear Robert E.Lee... almost the real guy - he impersonated Lee in the big Civil War movie and I met him before and he is wonderful to listen to... the way I imagine Lee, slow southern accent and very kind and courteous.

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