Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Make Your Own North Light

 Thanks to I no longer have to think about cutting a hole in the north side wall of my home but now have proper color illumination morning, noon or night at my beck and call.  Like Qiang, I spent a week at a David Leffel workshop and was told "If you do not have a north  or east window in your studio, you might have to move".  Huang is a doctor of physics and works full time as an optical engineer involved in color perception.  He only started painting about 10 yrs ago and does most of his painting between 7 and 11  at night. . . thus his need for artificial light. Even if this is not "your thing" I hope you take the time to go to his blog and make sure to click on the American Artist article about what he teaches in his classes.  I plan to attend one of his 3 Day workshops in Melbourne, FL in Nov. 2010.
At Home Depot I purchased two Philips Natural Light Plus 60 watt flood lights. Yesterday I received in the mail the two blue north light filters that I ordered from Qiang's website My husband has two beat up garage work lights that is used to make the north light in the above photo.... One light is directed on the objects in a three sided box that I place at eye level.  I block out all other light and keep the room dark so that I can play the light over the objects to get the light and cast shadows that I want.  The other light plays on my painting and my pallet of color.
Drop me a note if you have any questions... I hope to be posting my experiments and would appreciate you comments.

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