Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now that this blog is beginning to be up and running I need to present this Boston Yankee's love for Robert E. Lee, his dear wife, Mary Custis and their seven children.  During our years in Chattanooga I did these three portraits of Lee with his Generals, his wife & 3 daughters and one with his sons.  The picture shows the three originals, beautifully framed, that are for sale along with the mail order sales of the limited edition prints.  I display this art at many of the Confederate gatherings and donate prints to their camps to help with their fund raising auctions.  So thankful for this experience that has brought me so much closer to the heart of the true Southern people.
Just a few weeks ago I was invited to hear Al Stone give his famous impersonation of General Lee... He has appeared in many Confederate films and gives a loving portrayal of this dear man.
I have added a photo I took of him at this presentation and also of me dressed as his wife, Mary. A few months ago the Village Learning College asked me to bring my family portraits and give a talk on General Lee and his family life at Arlington House.  Mary was an amazing Christian lady, the great granddaughter of George Washington and was one of the forces that made General Lee the fine Christian man we admire.
You can see the three portraits more clearly if you click on  "shop now" to the right of this page.

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