Saturday, October 3, 2009

Posting this so that I will remember my struggling beginnings of trying to paint with lots of paint like David Leffel and Quing. Just a 6" x8" done from a still life in a little box in a dark room.  Looks like my Oct. pumpkin but it is a yellow pepper that we ate for supper last night. I love those little mushrooms that I found at fresh market.  I also bought some beautiful grapes for another set up but, alas, we ate them last night.  I was suppose to keep the darks warm and the lights cool but how can you do that with an orange pepper??? I chose a tough subject for my first real try.  But it was so much fun. Kept lots of paint right on the tip of the brush... not allowed to scrub paint onto canvas! Tried to hold brush loosely and move arm from my shoulder... no wrist or finger movements!
Years ago I spent a week at a Leffel workshop, bought his book and loved his teaching. Yesterday was the first time I used paint to sculp out the objects using the negative space... he said that and does it all the time but I guess I was busy thinking about following that light across those objects.  This method really uses up the paint and could be expensive... need to make piles of paint and be generous... thin for the darks and thick for the light!!  I just hope I can stay with this and force myself to keep learning.  I now see that this blog could be the means of keeping me obedient...forcing me to publish my daily paintings..
It is 5 A.M. and we are on our way to Eustus for an 8 A.M. paint out with OPAP. Will be working in pastel on red velvet pastel paper!  Wonder what will happen?

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