Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving & Our Family

What a privilege to be able to have Thanksgiving Day with our dear children and grandchildren in the Chattanooga area. Just thought I would take this space to introduce them to you.  Dr. Thomas McGrath... our first-born, was not able to be with us. He lives in Arlington, MA and is a professor of Art History at Suffolk University. The guy in the first photo is David with his wife, Lisa and two daughters -  Hallel and Hannah and they live in Ooltewah, TN (see link). The gal in blue is our daughter, Ammi, with her husband, Richard (Golf pro) and their three - Ben, Emily and Rachel.
So glad we lived near them when the grandchildren were born and that we had a part in the early years of their lives.  They are all such a joy and blessing to our lives.

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