Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first "Qiang" attempt!!!

No great masterpiece but I hope it is the beginning of doing some small experimental paintings from my "Qiang" still life set up.... similar to the one I did at a week  at a  David Leffel workshop about five years ago.  I call this a study in orange and ultramarine... I put the objects in my black box and arranged Qiang's light with the blue filter over the bulb.  Leffel taught us to keep the paint on the tip of the brush that we hold very lightly as we swing our arm from the shoulder remembering not to move our wrist or fingers.  I loved doing this in his class but it only works when working from life.... Copying photos gets me back into all my bad habits.   Spent about three hours on this one but the more I practice I am sure they would be faster and looser. It is about 7" x 8" but I want to work smaller.   I should be able to commit to an hour or two a day.  Would you like to join me?... Send me a photo of your small painting and I will put it on my blog.  Maybe we can learn how to sell them over eBay!!!!!!

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