Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out of the Blue!!!

About 20 years ago I did a pastel of a little boy with his teddy bear from a photo given me while I was working on the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga.  The mother let me have the photo and I used it to make a large oil painting that I used as a sample of my work.  A few years later I had a kiosk on the Florida Mall in Tallahassee and a man purchased the framed painting from me for $1,000 as a Christmas present for his wife.  Yesterday I received an email from a man who only lives a few miles away from me who purchased this painting at an estate sale.  It really is a beautiful, framed oil  painting that would  cost $3,000 as my commissioned portrait and he is asking only $700.  If you are interested in purchasing this painting call Steve Kling at 852-515-0489.  I hope it finds a loving home.

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