Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What a delightful day we had together!  Fran brought two pastels that were almost finished.  This photo shows her with a dog portrait she did as a gift for a summer friend whose home she plans to visit.  It looks huge in this photo but it is only a 16"x 20" and will be a delightful surprise for her hostess. Fran is progressing so well in her use of pastel and just needs to build up her confidence with more practice.

Dear Sherry was so worried about the photos mailed to her by a friend who requested this couple's portrait.  We had to make the head in back a little larger to make it "read"better.
She had the man's head beautifully finished when she came to class but had been struggling with the girl's face and olive complexion.  She is so happy and relieved to have it finished.  She is a very talented lady and certainly growing as a portrait artist.

They are anxious to come to another summer class as soon as I can find one or two more students.  If you would like a class on or before  August 20th drop me a note.  I AM TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR A SEPTEMBER 24th CLASS.


  1. I loved the class...c'mon friends, lets get a good group together asap!!! Janet is a talented wonderful portraitist who is so generous in sharing her knowledge...I left with a beautiful painting. I learned a lot. Her magic touch is incredible. Talk about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse.....

  2. Well here I go again trying to post a comment!!!
    Janet is a wonderful talented portraitist..I learned so much yesterday. I now know how to paint 'long hair in sunlight', also learned how to organize my flesh tones and which colors to start with to establish darks and lights..she turned a sow's ear into a silk purse! C'mon friends, lets get another class going asap!!!