Saturday, July 3, 2010


My business blog is beginning to take shape... Finally spelled Hierloom right and made some other changes.  Check it out at ... I sense the Lord helping me to pull this all together.  Felt I should emphasize home decor and show my art hanging in the home.
 I have so much to learn about getting followers and people to come to my blog but at least it will be a place to display my work and the prices.  Wondering if I should make a new web site instead... Perhaps I will try both.  Please, please... help me with this if you have one up and running and can give me some advice.  I just do not want to go on Facebook... I was there and it was a jungle that I just had no time for....  I will use this old blog for my classes and more personal stuff.
In a week or so I will go up on the price of the 5x7 miniature oils from $95 to $150 so if you are interested in ordering one for Christmas just let me know, send me a photo with the check and I will hold the price.  
Dear hubby and his friend, Jim, are busy laying a laminate floor for our living room, hallway and our R.E.Lee room!!!! It's a lot of work but we have been thinking of this for years and can hardly believe it is really happening.  Our son, David, with his wife and two daughters will be here the week of July 18 and we are so looking forward to their time with us.

Please keep in touch ... I love to hear from you.

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