Monday, August 2, 2010

BLACK-not black. .WHITE-not white

Finally - I did it!! A 5"x7" "daily painting"on canvas on board... WOW!  Just pray this will be the beginning of many more.  The huge thing is that I forced myself to learn new things... 1) Two days making a spectrum color palette - Began to learn to make all colors from 7 tubes and 12 mixed colors. 2) Pallet knife - no drawing.. I  started with the front dark square on the black creamer (without using black) and just kept placing color next to color without drawing. 3)The more I looked the more color I saw...IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! 
I ended up with using brushes and not putting on paint the way I want to work - I did too much scrubbing paint and not enough of laying the paint on the canvas.  My dream is to mix the color I see - pick it up on the brush or knife and place it on the canvas in one clean stroke - then go to the next color...working slowly and carefully.  Need to learn to make my strokes work.
BUT I AM ON MY WAY!!!  My goal is to post at least two paintings a week and to offer them for bidding starting at $ at least cover the mailing cost.  Please write to me.... I love to hear from you.  Also adding photos of my 12 colors and center mix of complimentary color mixes. ... I feel like I am beginning to get some control of color. 


  1. Why start with so many colors? You should be able to mix it all with just the zorn palette, right? What are your thoughts?

  2. Dear Anonymous, Thank you foe writing.
    Could I have done that painting with Zorn's black, white, ochre and red? All my life I painted with earth colors and loved them but this is a new adventure for me. Rembrandt used black for his blue, white, ochre and Terra Rosa and did his fantastic paintings. With my 7 tubes of color I get all the 12 colors available in nature.. and by mixing each two complementary colors I can get any shade I need. I premix so that I can work easier and faster plus I don't have to buy all those other tubes of color. Keep in touch.