Tuesday, August 3, 2010

White & Blue

You have no idea how much this blog is forcing me to paint.  A little like the Julia Child movie and the blog cookbook. I am wondering if it will also help me to lose weight?  Painting keeps me away from the refrigerator and this just might work!!??? I'll get on the scale tomorrow and start recording daily results..
Today I made some big jumps out of the box of rules I had myself in yesterday.  Only used the palette knife to mix just the colors I saw in my setup and switched to brushes for the paint.  I am standing up today and looking down more on my setup.  Trying to hold the brush loosely and move my arm from the shoulder...not moving my wrist or fingers... a little difficult to do on such a small 5" x 7" painting.  Also keeping the paint on the tip of my brush, placing each color in one stroke and not scrubing... (I broke the scrub rule a lot but will get better)
MY BIGGEST STEP IS  THAT I AM REALLY PAINTING... and not drawing an image and putting in the color.  The paint itself makes the image.  I had to force myself not to draw... How could I put a white cup on a white canvas without drawing it?... I had to put in all those negative-space blue spots of color and just watch it evolve.... that was so exciting.. to watch.... no lines - just color.  So here are my photos for today.
No great work of art but I hope to have a finished painting by tomorrow.  Thinking I might carry colored pencils and a drawing pad with me so that I can keep doing my "color spot art" when I cannot get to my studio... even could carry my little watercolor set that I never use!!! I sure am getting out of my "rut".

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