Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coply Sq.& Art Galleries

Having problems with my good knee and I think it is because it is rebelling against all the stairs and hills it has to deal with here that never existed in Florida!!!  Nevertheless we hit Boston's art gallery district this morning...which all had stairs going down or up.  Collected lots of art brochures with leads to websites for me to browse.  Thought you might enjoy these  two interesting portraits with the persons home landscape  in the background. I had a successful artist friend who did large pastel portraits with the subjects elegant Southern  homes in the background.  Had a nice visit with our son who teaches Art History at Suffolk University. Did not make it to the Museum....heading back to Cape Cod in the morning and hope to do some painting. Had to add a photo of "Wilson's Farm"...fabulous homegrown food!!!!

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