Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

Arrived in Boston, yesterday, in time to attend Park Street Church which is still a shining lighthouse for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You might not know that in the 1800's and on they also preached from the small balcony on the outside of the church overlooking the Boston Common. Even when I was a child we would sometime spend a Sunday afternoon on the Common where  all kinds of groups set up soapboxes to proclaim whatever they were passionate about...  The church had coffee and  goodies for a breakfast snack and the room was filled with hundreds of students and people of every nationality chattering together.  After the service the same room was filled with sandwiches and cookies with members, visitors, tourists and bag people wandering in and out eating the food.  Tourists were everywhere and we just spent the afternoon sitting on the benches by the Frog Pond taking photos of  the children in the water and the people walking by.  I want to learn to paint scenes with people waling around and to paint them just with spots of color... Plan to use these photos for practice. So here is a photo of the church - one of many interesting people and a glance at the Frog Pond scene.

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