Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Much Loved Portrait

This oil portrait has quite a story!   Almost twenty years ago  his mother had me do it as a pastel  when I did portraits on the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga.  She allowed me to make a copy of the photo and I painted this large oil as a portrait sample to display my work. 

A few years later an older man saw it on my kiosk at a Mall in Tallahassee and purchased  it as a Christmas gift for his wife.  I never expected to see it again but a few months ago I received a call from a dealer in Fruitland Park who had purchased it at an estate sale and called to learn the story of this little boy!  What a small world! 

 It is a lovely painting and I was delighted to see it again.  The dealer is looking for a buyer and if you are interested just give me a call.

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  1. Love the verse at the top. Thanks for the reminder! - Ammi