Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Set up my French Easel on the beach at 7:30 this morning!!! Dear hubby put up an umbrella to try to give me some shade... It was still hot and a horse fly kept trying to attack me... All this was good because it made me paint fast with the hope of finishing as soon as possible and getting off the beach.  The little painting looked good in the sun as I was working but when I took it into the shade I was so disappointed.
I will think of this as a color sketch and hope to make it again on a and 8" x 10" and also use information from my photos.  I don't really  think I want to be a plein air painter!!!  Maybe I can learn as much by just putting objects on a table by a sunny window.
I think I am beginning to see color in a new way.... learning to just let the color make the picture. I should have seen that years ago but I was so hung up on drawing that I somehow missed all of that.
Anyhow... I am hanging it all out for you to see.... I love that fence and that fabulous blue sky!!

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