Thursday, September 23, 2010


Have you ever heard that saying...."If you aim at nothing you will make a perfect hit every time"?
How many times have you decided to lose weight and failed?  At age 75 I can't even count how many times I have failed - (I did make it twice but then gained it back)  Well, here I go again...not for beauty reasons but because this 4 foot 11 inch frame is beginning to buckle under my 200 lb weight!!!!
Who is helping me? #1- I truly do sense a new Spirit at work within me since I have understood the freedom available by not focusing on myself but on Jesus always being with me. (check our "Verse for  Today" in right column)
#2 an amazing FREE program designed to help people reach whatever goal they aim for.  I tried it over a year ago, failed, but now I discover that it is newer and better than ever.  I know I have to record every thing I eat to win this battle and this program makes it so easy by doing all the calculating. I can even to it on my iPodTouch. They  tell me I will weigh 147 lbs. by my birthday next September!!! The big trick for me is to stick with it that long...                                                                #3 Curves... I had them weigh me in yesterday and take my measurments and will have them weigh me in each month.  I enjoy Curves three times a week and try to do water aerobics the other two days.  My big failure is walking and need to start even if it is just for 10 minutes a day at the beginning... Want to do 30 minutes a day.  Today my scale said 199.4 so at least I got below that horrible 200 number!!!!
Next week my goal is to do three small still life paintings a week.  I think I can add that to my Sparkpeople program.
Would love to hear from you... Maybe we can work together on accomplishing our goals????

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