Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thinking About My Mother Today!

I finally took my morning walk! Now I have a plan.. 10 minutes to Walmart, 10 minutes walking around Walmart, and 10 minutes home. Then, each day, I can type in 30 minute walk at !!
My walking thoughts were filled with mother... how I miss her!!!!!

Here she is - a fantastic lady!  Freda came close to blindness as a child, had Lupus on her face when she was a teen when they didn't know what it was and then tried to burn it out of her skin. Wore her hair over her check to cover the scars. Married a kind man to get away from an abusive mother. Birthed three RH negative baby girls who died hours after they were born. (I look forward to meeting my sisters) In 1937 we lived in a trailer park in a Boston suburb with no running water or bathroom... took Saturday night baths at Grandma's house in Cambridge. By 5th grade dad paid $5,000 for a ten room, three story 1890's house near the city....Money was tight but she gave me lessons in piano, tap, ballet, toe, elecution, and ice skating, In her 40's she took an experimental drug to deal with her facial lupus removing the scar and leaving just scar tissue....  this drug evenually led to kidney failure at 80 when she came to live with us and later went on home dyalisis.  Mom  always read books on mind over matter.  After she died  I found her notebook filled with Bible verses that she read over every morning. She set goals, always had a project and worked almost to the end with the Counsel for the Aging encouraging the elderly to live an active life. Worked with the Lupus Foundation and with the blind.
Here she is at 80 in the ocean in Miami just before she found out about her kidneys.  At 87 she was facing the amputation of both legs at the knees and decided it was time to "cross over the bridge"  Her three wonderful doctors agreed to let her go off of dyalisis and make the journey.  They said that she would go into a coma and it would take about five days.  But they did not know my mother... she was so excited about the trip that she just couldn't wait that long. We had a wonderful Saturday together talking about old times.  She asked me to forgive her for being so angry with me when I took most of her house plants to the beach cottage..... I didn't even remember because she never showed her anger to me. I slept by her bed and we were so happy and peaceful.  Sunday afternoon she went in and out of a coma and often I would hear her say "Jesus, I'll come right back, just give me ten minutes more." then we would talk and then lose her again. It was so obvious that she was experiencing the loving embrace of her precious Lord.  I held her as she passed and felt her presence all around me.   Such a precious time.  I waited at least an hour before I called the nurse. 
  Like all of us, Freda was far from perfect.  She had a strong personality and struggled in her love  for her mother, brother, sister, husband, me and my children.  But she succeeded.  Life was often an emotional battle but Freda always was determined to overcome, to love her Lord and to love and help others.  The older I get the more I appreciate her and look forward to crossing over that bridge.  She made the trip look soooo fantastic!

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  1. That was a beautiful tribute. I can understand you missing her and thinking of her. I imagine she influenced and impressed many. Before her time in many ways....