Friday, September 10, 2010

Thrift Shops!!!

Just have to share our great thrift shop adventures with you.... I think it will be our greatest memory of this time on the Cape.... along with all the new friend we have met at Dunkin Donuts where we go every day for free WiFi... and David's study time.  Photos show most of our loot... The designer skirt and jacket outfit for $3.50..$1.50 for the pink blouse to go with it...Rockport and LLBean sandals for $4 each.  But best of all are all the still life objects (and jewelry) for 25 cents to $2!! So much fun meeting all the dear volunteers who work in the shops that are mostly run by local churches.

Had to add the photo of the South Chatham Library  next to the church we plan to visit Sunday...the thrift store lady invited us to attend and enjoy the meal following the service.

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