Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally, back at it!!!

I must confess ... it has been so long since I have painted that I was afraid I had forgotten how.  Yesterday I visited the ice cream shop in Spanish Sprints next to where I use to paint at The Great Find.  I asked the owner if it would be OK with him if I paint outside his shop and he thought it was a great idea.  I like painting there because of the roof over the sidewalk for the shade and protection from the rain.  I planned to be there today featuring my Christmas Special $195 for a 5"x7" oil portrait.  It was just what I needed to get me to squeeze out my paints and sit down at my easel to get started on what I hoped to do in the Villages.  WELL, I never made it out of my studio...I had so much fun working on this all day and I feel like I can paint again. This is from a photo I took of Hallel, our 15 year old granddaughter... I hope she likes it because it is going to be her Christmas gift.  Should I make that barette blue?

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  1. i think so, dont you?
    I miss you Janet....I will be at Denises the 24th. Im confused about what we've discussed and what we haven't. I tried plein air painting last week. It was a learning experience. I want to do it again but will be better prepared next time and may stick closer to home. It was windy, many birds (at lake harris, venetian gardens in leesburg)so also related bird problems. :)
    your painting is beautiful. She will be delighted. Lots of folks are going to be happy that you got your paints out again!!!
    Im excited about being in your upcoming class!