Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here I am today, working on my 5" x7"oil portraits in front the Sweet Cream Grill in Spanish Springs.  I was there for a few hours yesterday and today and met some folk who seemed interested in contacting me for a portrait.  The weather was perfect with a nice breeze and I am always in the shade.  Hope to be there on Saturdays and a few days during the week.  I am working on small portraits of family to give to them for Christmas.  Working in oil seems a lot easier than pastel..just squeezing out a few oil colors gives me all the colors I need for a portrait plus it causes people to be more interested in oil portraits than a pastel. Surprised that no one seemed interested in the $195 small portrait. I will frame a few and display them so they may be more appealing.  This photo was taken with my Sony phone camera.

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