Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For sale

These 8"x10" original, signed oil paintings are done on canvas mounted on hardboard.  They easily slip into a photo frame and can be hung on the wall or placed on a table easel. Looks terrific in a wide 3"- 5"plein air frame. Asking only $50 plus 6% tax for each one.  Email me with the number and I will ship it to you as soon as I receive your check.

1. above Qiang Workshop...This was the set up I put together for the first day with things I brought with me.  We used a draped box with a light fixed on the objects making the most of the cast shadows by raising or lowering the light. We had watched him paint in the morning and now we were on our own....but Qiang helped each one with their arrangement and came around often to give suggestions.  I stood up for this one as you can see down into the vase but my back got the best of me and I decided to sit out the next two days

3. Qiang  made this set up for his demo and you will see it soon in his email. Since he used my little cup on the left I decided to paint his image from another - sitting down - angle. I already knew his color mixtures and had learned a lot from watching him so I enjoyed this one most of all.  Had also made a dear friend who painted next to me and we had good conversation.  This was one of the best workshops I ever attended. Qiang's power point lessons with his handouts were excellent and the video set-up for his demo allowed us to watch every stroke he put onto the canvas.  But best of all he is a very caring, friendly person and we all felt relaxed with his painting instructions.
Must add...I have never come home from a workshop - even the 5 day ones - with a finished painting. Can hardly believe that I cam home with three!!!!!!  Thank you Qiang!!!!
OOPS....must add this photo of us together with the last setup in the background.  My husband was very interested in Qiang's easel, paint box and lights and Qiang helped him with ideas for making them on his own.  Was great to have him involved to understand, not only the painting process, but also the daily painting internet business part of art that we also covered in the class.
P.S. My mailing address is: 11372 SE 175th Place - Summerfield, Fl 34491 - cell phone: 352-999-1808

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