Friday, November 26, 2010


Posting this so that I don't have to write it to everyone. I mentioned that I have been out of breath and tired for the past two months but on Monday I also had chills and a fever. David took me to Urgent Care where they discovered that my blood count was so low that he sent me immediately to the Village Hospital where I was for three days, given three pints of blood and a colostomy to try to determine the source of all the blood I had lost. Wed. I was released from the hospital and David and I had a quiet Thanksgiving together. Next step is see a Hematologist as soon as possible to discover why I am not producing my own blood.  Appreciate your payers for me through all of this.  David is fantastic and giving me all of his tender, loving care.  We both experience our Father's strong loving hands and our weakness.  So thankful He led us to get the help we needed...His ways are always perfect.

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