Thursday, November 18, 2010

Qiang Class Photo

Here I am with Qiang and our Melbournd Workshop gang. We had a wonderful three days together.  They notified me the day before we had to drive there that they had an opening....and I am so thankful to my dear hubby for encouraging me to go and taking me there.  It was also a good experience for him to meet Qiang and get a feel of the art we were doing.  I am sitting down because I was beginning to realize that I had a breathing problem... stood up to paint the first day but sat as much as possibe for the rest of the classes.  The meetings were on the third floor so I climbed a lot of stairs that did me in.  Have seen a doctor and am waiting for a stress test.

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  1. Dear Janet that is a beautiful photograph.. Gods beauty all around you! Im looking for that painting a day you from you... Hugs! s.