Saturday, November 6, 2010

Qiang Huang Workship

Thought you might like to see Qiang Huang's set-up yesterday at his 3 day workshop in Melbourne, FL. Following an hour power point presentation on the composition, lighting and painting of a still life with a three page illustrated handout he did a demo of a small still life. I did not have my camera so used my phone camera to try to get some photos for you.  This is the best demo presentation I have ever seen. We could easily watch on a big screen every stroke Qiang made on his canvas along with his explanations and answers to our questions.  I will send you his picture of the painting when I get it today.
My hubby was intrigued with his tripod easl and artbox for his paint and easel and he is eager to attemt to build one for me.  Qiang was kind enough to take the time to give him all the information he needed.  Qiang also spent quality time with each of us to help with our set-up, lighting and painting during the afternoon session.  Hope to get some better photos during our second day that I can share with you.
Art groups in both Ocala and The Villages are attempting to arrange for Qiang to come to our area but it probably will not be until 1012 because of his busy schedule.  Something we all can look forward to. Learn more about this artist by clicking his link on my side panel.

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