Friday, January 7, 2011

I Told You So!!

I told you I could not leave it alone...I had lost the mystery in the other one...needed to make it come out of the shadow on the left...and a few other things..backgrounds can do so much to change a painting. These are two of the treasures I bought at thrift stores on Cape Cod last Sept.
I have about 30 more to paint so I will try to keep going. Want to paint something bright and happy today...
Perhaps I can sell these and get them out of my life... if you are interested just let me know...I will send it to you for $25!,,,5"x 7" oil on board.
Did not get my bone marrow report yesterday...must wait until next Thursday.  I like not knowing... I feel great now...all that information can wait till later.  Again, thank you for your prayers.

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