Monday, January 3, 2011

Rejoice with me!!!

Rejoice with me....I fanally got into my studio and did a painting today!!!!!! Hoping that this is the beginning of many more in 2011!!!  I took this photo of Rachel, my granddaughter, when she was with us over Christmas.  I did not use the projector... just set up my laptop with the photo on the screen and pretended she was my much more exciteing to work this way.  Just did a quick placement sketch with umber and then hit it will all the much fun.  This one is about 16" x 20" but I plan to do smaller ones...if I can just work 2 or three hours a few times a week it will be great.
I need all the encoragement I can get... maybe we can help each other....let me know if you are going to draw, sketch, water color, oil, or pastel at least once a week.  I will put your work on my blog...let's enjoy this new year together!!!!!

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