Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yesterdays painting!

Tried so hard to post this yesterday and do another today....I can see that one hurdle I will have to overcome is to be willing to post it even when I may not be that happy with it....I keep seeing things that i could change... but I must move on to the next painting.  Just added that blue before I took the photo is not in the set-up but it sure made that orange color pop out.  Keep thinking of Qiang's funny titles and comments on his paintings and I keep wanting to call this 'The Two Sisters'...Our two boys are both fantastic but totally different...made for differnt things..containting different dreams and abilities...we are all so wondrerfully unique..
Thank you to the anonymose person who wrote a comment on my blog and encouraged me to keep doing daily paintings.... I really needed that... so good to know there are real people out there looking at my postings....We really need each other to keep going!!!

Just had to show you this photo I just took of my fantastic Bird of Paradise flower 
that has survived all the freezing cold of our winter...Those orange petals  keep renewing themselves and greeting me when I come out  of my home...impossible to imagine what heaven will be like!!!!!

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  1. its great, i like your paint. is so simple but i can see the beauty of your art. nice posting friend