Friday, February 4, 2011

Checking in!

Just want to say "hello" to anyone who visits my blog.  It has been touching for me to receive emails from some people I never knew commenting on my words or art....especially as I am going through this new medical adventure in my life.  My days are certainly not what they use to be... lots of time on the phone and internet trying to solve medical and insurance issues.  After four visits to the hospitals to get blood they finally arranged for me to have an infusion port put into my chest this coming Monday... then I expect to start some sort of chemo to get my body to make it's own blood.  No idea what lies ahead and totally confident that my Father only has what He deems best for me as he prepares me for entrance into His  glorious Kingdom.
I have decided to paint only pictures that I enjoy painting and not be concerned if they will sell or be of any use to my family.  Here is one I am working on... A photo i took last summer in Harwich Port of our walk to the beach... it brings wonderful memories and has me looking forward to being there again in September.  It is painted on a smooth gesso board that I bought and the paint slid around and did not go on as I would have liked... but it has been fun and not want to get into a lot of detail...just hoped to capture the moment...Will be gessoing my own boards to do some more summer dreaming!

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