Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Easy Chair

Would you believe that I really enjoy my hours  sitting in those big, leather recliners in the infusion centers!  Feet up, I nap, type letters read books and chat with other sufferers. I needed a sanctuary like this at home so hubby and I traveled to second hand shops looking for an inexpensive, small recliner without success.  Then I looked around the house and came up with a comfy swivel chair and a soft, high ottoman...with a pillow on my lap for my Ipad and a magazine rack next to me with all my favorite stuff I can read, nap or watch TV.  Bet you are jealous!!!!  
Downloaded "Desiring God" by Jon Pipper and the words are just like God talking to me about all the joy, peace, love and desire to worship Him that I have been experiencing through this journey.  I think a lot about the love relationship in my Triune Family..Father, Son, Holy Spirit and, like in "The Shack" have been working on my own names for them.  I had a dear, sweet, humble Dad. In his eyes I did no wrong.  He smoked too much and the cigarettes killed him at age 69.  I could easily call God, Daddy. Jesus will always be Jesus..."God with us." "The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World." 
...but I love my name for the Holy Spirit... Spirit-word...because He is always talking to me and talking through me.  Yesterday as I pulled my focus back to look for Them a voice came back to me saying..."Janet, here We are, We are always with you...remember I promised that I would never, never leave you or forsake you," much love, so much joy!....
Had an amazing day.  Amazed because I can only do a little before I need to rest a while and then get up and do some more...yet I seem to get more done than when I raced around the house like a cat with it's tail on fire. This is a new steady pace for me and I hope I can keep it forever. Back to my book...please keep praying and drop me a note. 

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