Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new beginning!

Using my iPad for the first time to try this...I love the way it types!
Can't get into those photos below so will explain them here... That is me in my favorite napping spot under the amazing chemo quilt that one of my dear students made and sent to me. It has 5 precious bible promises of my Father's comfort and love for me..and for all who stop to read! Some days I sleep a lot and some days I can't even sleep at night??? Getting lots of stuff pumped into me but real treatment to try to make blood will begin on Friday.
The 9" 12" oil painting was done last week from a photo I took of our Harwich port beach last summer. I do not use the projector because it gives me more freedom to create a painting and not just color a picture...portraits need to be "just right" but not the other stuff. Instead I put the photo on the bright screen of my iPad and pretend that I am doing plain air!,,
It is so much fun and I am so anxious to do more...son and family may be here next week so must put paints away again... I had this painted right to the edges but thought eliminating those four corners and edges made it feel like more of a memory painting.
Please send me your work...would love to see what you are doing. Again, thank you so much for you love and prayers..I love you notes and letters!
In our Father's amazing love,

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