Friday, March 18, 2011


1.) The first "Voice" I heard when I woke was my Trinity-Friends whispering- "Janet, here We are - always with you.. remember Jesus said before He left that We were sending another..who would never, never, no never leave you or drop you!"...I chuckled and said..."Let's make some bran muffins...I've got a great low fat yogurt recipe!!! What fun we had chattering together.. I think they call it "prayer" They really helped me clean up my mess as I went along...(which is unusual for me)..  They knew I was dragging and needed Their companionship!
2.) I put on heavy socks because I was expecting to get chills all morning during my 3 hr. infusion of Rutuxan but  no chills - I slept like a baby and the nurse had to wake me to say I was almost finished.  3.) She whispered in my ear.. "Doctor says all your counts are normal ..just a few more Rituxan treatments should start making blood and I should not have to go on chemo!!!! can now clap your hands and sing a little song!!!!  I could even have my pic taken out in a few weeks. Wasn't that enough?   No!!!  4.) Just then my cell phone rang.  and it was such a kind voice of a man from The Daily Sun. A few weeks ago I sent an email to the paper about possibly doing a free portrait to raise money for for Moffitt.. I wanted to help plus I could sure use some publicity for my art work!!!!  He said he was amazed at my work and would like to to an article about the Moffitt gift and promote my work.  He will be coming to our home at 10:30 tomorrow and the photographer will be here at 11:15...He also is bringing some family photos because he wants to get the first pastel portrait!!!  5.) Can you begin to imagine the joy and excitement within us right now?..Not for the gifts but for the Giver. .  ."Daddy, Jesus and Spirit-Word" the Three that started my day with those muffins! I sip my coffee from a cup  I found at Ross that says: "The Joy of the Lord is your strength!"Nehemiah 8:10 So much joy ... unbelievable peace, love and hope... I like to bathe in it!!!
Days will not always be like this... sickness, grieving, pain are certain to come but I refuse to build my life on the sifting sand of this world... Jesus is my solid Rock and I will build my life on the Truth of His words to rest in the company of my Dear Trinity-Friends for ever and ever and ever and ever!!!!!!
....  Have you ever read II Corinthians 5? Don't read will never be the same!!!
Clap your hands, sing a song....rejoice with me.  You are each so precious to me and even more so to your dear Father!!!!

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