Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I did this portrait of my husband about forty years ago. Since then I cut off a large top portion that had his head reflected in a mirror showing me working on the portriat and a painting of our three children...(a sneaky family portrait)
Last week, when I was working on it, I laid it on our table and the light from the vertical blinds feel on the boring brown background and brougt it to life so I just painted them in...  Another thing I did that does not show up in this photo was to put something like a time-line behind his head.  I did a sketch of each of the five churches where we served and under that printed the name of each town and state.
When I displayed this portrait on the Malls people would tell me that his eyes followed them as they walked by!!!
It is now on display, for about a week,  at the Moffitt Fund Raiser building in Sumter landing.  I try to change my sample portraits each week.  Hope you drop by to see it.  I love the subject!!!!
All seems to be going well with my leukemia. Doctor has me on a new chemo and prednisone that makes me weak and my head a little dizy but I move slowly and try to get work done.  Painting is easy and keeps me still so I do it as much as I can. I have a class in May, June and August with just two or three students.  If you would like a class just let me know and I will look for others who may want to come.  Again, thank you for your concern and your prayers... They mean a lot to me.

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