Friday, June 24, 2011

My Mother' Hat!

Recently came upon a small, old black and white photo of my mother wearing a strange looking hat. The more I looked at it the more I saw it as a lovely and interesting piece of art with a simple title...
"The Hat"...I might even do it as an oil.  If you read my blog about my mother you may remember that she had an blotchy red scar the covered most of her right cheek. At that time doctors did not know about skin lupus so the tried to burn out areas so she had the lupus and the scar tissue.  She would use covermark pull her hair over it. She also read lots of books about being beautiful on the inside....she called them "Mind Over Matter". Almost made me thankful for this scare and the many other difficulties that she overcame to make her the strong woman, mother and example that she was to me.
The photographers in those days were true artists who knew how to use lighting and poses to create a piece of art.  Look through  your  old black and white family photos and find one that might make a
beautiful pastel or oil... use whatever colors you like.  You can also take one person out of a group picture.
Must tell you that I am feeling better than I have felt in years.  I had been having exhausted moments for past few years and napped my way through each day.  When I walked  up steps one by one I just thought it was part of getting older....while my hubby, a year younger, was running bases faster than anyone on his team of 70 year olds. I still have chemo sessions that will take me through October and hope to be in remission at that time.  One of my new miracale drugs is called "Treanda" ....wouldn't that be a beautiful name for a baby girl? ... maybe one of our great garandaughters!!!!
Having a class of three on July 11th.   Would like to have another class before we leave the end of August let me know if you are interested and we could get one or two more to make a class.  
Will soon send out  a list of the Fall and 2012 classes.


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