Monday, August 15, 2011

New portrait & update

The dear lady who had me do her  large "pinup" portrait called for me to do a small - (14" x 11") oil portrait of her deceased husband from a favorite black and white snapshot.  We found her a lovely, simple, wide gold frame that looks perfect in the spot she has chosen to have it displayed.

I have almost forgotten that I have leukemia.  I plan to forget it entiirely on Friday when they remove this pick from my arm and we take off for a month.  Will have two more chemo sessions when we return and I expect to be in remssion by the end of October.  Thank you all for your prayers and I hope they continue.  Our Father is not only working on healing but, more important, has used all of this in a marvelous way to help me throw out accumulated "garbage" from my time here on earth and to focus more on loving Him and all that I have to look forward to when I get "HOME".... really home at last!!  I am sure I will look back and say "How could I ever believe that strange place was "home"!!" Have had a glorious adventure here and will appreciate all the days ahead.. My Father created all of this place where I now live  but Jesus said it is ruled by the prince of the power of the air...  Won't it be fantastic to be in His Kingdom where He is King??!!!!  Rejoice with me!!!

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