Saturday, August 13, 2011

Facebook & Vacation

Returned to Facebook a few days ago and really tried to enjoy it but it is just sucks up too much time for me...I just cancelled out!!!  Email and the telephone will  have to be enough to keep me in touch with friends and family.  Am experimenting with because it seems to link me with other artists and art galleries.
We are excited about travelling to New England on Aug. 21 with art buddies, Bonnie Godwin and Carol Williams. They will be enjoying Cape Cod with us for a while and we will visit with our son and others before we fly home on Sept. 22.  We usually pack our car full of stuff for this yearly trip and it feels strange just to  leave here with two small suitcases because of the plane trip back.
Still have room for one more student this coming Wednesday, Aug. 17th...drop me a note if you can make it. Thought you might like to see this portrait I ust finished.  I will have my computer with me on our ourney and hope we can keep in touch.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Must add some art instruction.  The photo I worked from had a grassy field behind the boy and I painted that in.  It had no "punch" ...seemed to all blend together.  What a difference when I hit it with that black green that made the boy pop forward.  The dark on top blended his dark hair with the background and put more enphasis on his face and the part behind his body made him more important.  I only wish I had taken a photo before I made the change.  We tend to think that the most important is to get the person right but the background works to make it a real work of art.  I hope you like it.... he had a red shirt on int the pohoto... I like the colors.

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