Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just had a lot of wind..no rain!

I took this lower photo on our walk to Dunkin the morning or the storm and the second one the day after.  Just hoping it didn't do this to all the gorgeous flower gardens on the Cape I planned to shoot.

The girls are gone, the storm is over and the streets are not filled with all the tourists who will be back for the Labor Day week-end.  Last night I attempted a 4"x 6" watercolor of the boat photo and decided this was not the stuff I want to work with.  I rushed to Orleans to buy three tubes of oil paint.. raw umber, burnt sienna and white with plans to get back to my beloved oils and do sketches and value studies for larger paintings.  Planned to toss the watercolor but played with it for a while and now my hubby wants to frame it.  Here it is... I changed the dark blue boat to red and I like what happened...
Downtown Harwich Port has no electricity but we are fine. Joyce will come by tomorrow to leave her pastels with me so I am planning to experiment with some mixed media... I even bought a box of Crayola crayons an used it on the red boat... Hope to loosen up and do some crazy stuff!!!!

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