Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Light Shines Through!

Don't you love that little mustard jar?!! Got each for $1 at two different thrift stores...almost perfect complimentary colors.  We plan to hit a few more shops today...about 30 here on the cape. Can only buy little things because we are flying home.
Joyce will come by today with her pastels and will leave them here with me along with her easel.
Sense that my Father is pulling me into a deeper understanding of Matt. 5-7 the Sermon on the Mount.. I sometimes am almost afraid to learn all that the Holy Spirit has to teach me because then I am accountable for that knowledge... but, isn't it wonderful that all the words of Jesus in this passage is totally impossible for us to practice because they all aim at the motive or our heart and mind and not at things we do to impress ourselves or others with our goodness.  Our Father only sees our hearts and has no interest in outward appearances that He kept seeing in all the religious leaders.  Think about the things you want and have that will make you happy and then read the Beatitudes....  Jesus does not mention homes or cars or any stuff that is temporary... only the inner life that is eternal... treasures that we will enjoy here and in His Kingdom.
Wow... The great news is that whatever He teaches me He is able to produce in me when I give up trying to do it myself ...just allow Him to be my Saviour!!!!  The mustard jar is stong, thick and stubborn but the purple glass gives up it's identity and allows the light to shine through showing it's true beauty.
"Father, make me transparent."

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