Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for the hurricane!!!

Bonnie and Carol escaped from Cape Cod early this morning...they hated to leave us here without a car but we can walk to whatever we need and will have a car on Monday.  Now we are waiting to see which of us experiences most of the predicted weather.  Bonnie's husband insisted she get off the island so we pray they have an easy drive.  We are happy campers... Just got lobster rolls and a quart of clam chowder from the fish market so what else do we need to weather this storm????
The girls had a fantastic time!  We will always refer to this wild trip as "The earthquake, the dead body, and the hurricane.  We passed DC inland at the time of the earthquake, tried to see the seals on the beach in Chatham when a dead body of a missing woman was washed up on the beach and ended with an approacing hurricane!!! Bonnie drove all the way from Mexico Beach to Harwichport smiling, joking and patient!!! She is a fantastic driver and filled her huge van with all kinds of fruit, cheeses, sandwiches, drinks and goodies. Comfort and laughter was the name of the game as my hubby endured all the chatter of the women and enjoyed all their attention.
Yesterday was full with thrift shops, Provincetown, art galleries and a summer stock play of Shakespear's Comedy of Errors.  Another day was a 4 hr Whale Watch and finding an early bird special for 1& 1/4 lobster for $10!!! We made the most of just three days on the Cape and am so sorry that they missed a tour of Boston before heading back.
I'd better end this.. the weather is looking stormy and we have to walk back to the cottage.
Do not have a photo of all four of us together...but here is what I got!!

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