Friday, September 2, 2011

Whale Watching!!!

Could not get internet yesterday so did not post.  Our son, Tom, took us on a 3 hr Whale Watch that went around Provincetown at the end of the Cape...usually the ship is packed but we almost had it all to ourselves.  I don't have a great zoom on my camera but did get some tail shots when they were diving deep and a few humpback whales when we were in shallow water and they were close and going under our boat to get where the fish were trying to hide.  But the best picture I got was his lighthouse shot and also got a sailboat picture that I want to add.  Here it is.....

Will be walking around the corner to see the Saturday Art in the Park put on by the Harwich local artists, Looking forward to next week being our quiet week at home in our cottage. We have done most of the tourist stuff and eaten all the seafood we planned to it is time for meditation and painting ---and walking the beach or reading a good book in my beach chair.

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