Monday, September 12, 2011

Float Framing

At the many art galleries in Welfleet on Cape Cod we saw a lot of small and large oil painting in float frames.  If you google those words you can find instruction for making these inexpensive frames. One I fround was build-simple-float-fram-for-your-painting-34450This does not show how to float the painting by leaving a small space between the art and the frame that gives a shadow box effect. The inside is usually painted black.  Here are some pictures I took and one of the back so you can see how the float is constructed. I think hubby is interested in making some for my smalll paintings so you can see them when you come to class.  They also work for pastel under glass.

Heading for Boston tomorrow to stay with our son and visit folk. Had the best time ever here on Cape Cod. Hope I do all the paintings I hope to do when we get home.

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