Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new hat!

Here I am at my computer in our Dunkin office wearing my new Seafood Sam's hat. I love the colored, solid visor and wore it all day yesterday.  A visor is really necessary when painting outdoors when sunglasses are impossible. It also says Cape Cod on the back and I expect it to draw some comments when I get back and start working on Sumter Landing outside of the Moffitt Headquarters.  It will also make me one of the bunch with all the bald ladies in chemo sessions who wear baseball hats.  I will miss my time with the ladies when my sessions, hopefully, end in October.
Today I  thought I would copy some of the letter that I just sent out to my students...Here it is.

I use to feel so guilty about copying photos...that it made me less of a  "true artist"  I have come a long way since then... realizing that some old masters used the camera obscura, etc.  But, most important, it is the eye of the artist that makes their art... The subject matter and the way they present it... My camera photos are also my art.. The image that caught my personal feelings...then I make them even more personal when I paint it...the color, the design, what I put in and what I leave out.
It is also important to know how to use the oil paint, pastel, watercolor or pencil to the best show skill in the medium...  Hard to say what is the star of the painting...subject matter or technique.... Both are so important to grab the eye. 
I want to learn to do this with the people in my photos....and that is harder when not working from life.  The eye of other artists is not my eye... I have sometimes tried to copy image ideas of other artists because I think that would sell better than what I do and I don't feel true to myself or enjoy the attempt...Admiring technique is another matter.  That challenges me to rethink my approach... Right now I want to loosen make each stroke of my brush be enough and not to go over and over my work.
Looks like these days of rain on the Cape make me more talkative... See you tomorrow!!!!

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