Friday, September 9, 2011

Qiang Huang's Art

WOW...don't know about you but I love this still life by Qiang Huang!!!!  So real and yet so fresh... so far from photography yet it communicates so much more about color, paint and the strokes of his brush...ART!!!   Qiang could lock himself in to his old success but he is always growing and changing... Don't be afraid of change.... but work at succeed it cannot be artificial...or by just copying from the work of another artist. . . . but we can learn from art that speaks to us.
I have been locked into my old master training from my Boston Museum-Atelier-type School. I am very grateful for that.   I confess that when I saw the work of Coffee that she did with people looking at museum art I did a few similar ones on my own... because i love the paintings in the Boston Museum and I love doing people.  I also have studied with Qiang and some of the same teachers that influence him.   I have learned  the fundamentals  of the direction he is taking...and I hope to let his work and his dedication influence me as I paint from life... and some of my personal photos. Hope you go to Qiang's webpage and his blog and subscribe to having his daily art emailed to you with his thoughts.  
Would appreciate any comments you could make concerning my blogs. They let me know that I am not just talking to myself... Also would appreciate your suggestion about improving.  Hope to set  up another blog similar to Qiang's if I can get myself painting every day!!!!
We are still in Harwichport, MA enjoying the rainy weather...but hoping for some of the gorgeous sunlight on this island so that I can take more photos. Most ofr the leaves on the trees have been damaged by the hurricane and I wonder if the fall colors in New England will be all that they could be.  Doubt if it will be warm enough to enjoy swiming in the ocean.  I think we have had all the lobster and clam chowder that we can handle!!!  The thrift shops that we love are now featuring beautiful fall clothing and warm sweaters.  I miss wearing all that warm clothing now that we live in Florida.  David found a great, like new Harris Tweed  jacket for only $4 that would be impossible to wear where we live.  I got a great demim dress, chino skirt and colorful scarf... all for only $10!!!  We love these shops!

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