Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

I love rainy days. As a child my mother shipped me off to keep my grandmother company in her summer cottage on the rocky north shore of Massachusetts.  Almost every day was dismal and rainy so I learned to walk and swim in the rain - there was nothing else to do!  Until I was in the 5th grade we lived in a small trailer in a trailer park and a thunder storm would hit furiously on our little home. Mother would say "Isn't it wonderful to be so warm and safe with all that noise outside? This is your favourite  time to read a book, color a picture, or play with your paper dolls."  This is one of the many gifts my mother gave to me... and I passed it on to our children.  So I am excited about the rain predicted for today and tomorrow.. hubby is not!!!
Sharing two 4"x7" color sketches. The flowers are on watercolor paper and the trees began on canvas board as an oil wash.. wiped out areas and added watercolor and crayon... then mixed white oil with colors from watercolor...back and forth.   Still want to get the orange mold color that was on that one tree.  Also need to add a few leaves.
Anxious to work on and oil of this when I get home... I love trees. Maybe because they have limbs and body language a lot like people... also love the way they catch the light.  Albert Handell does wonderful trees.. I did a workshop with him about 40 years ago... Now he does a yearly workshop in Apalachacola, Fl. You can Google his name for info.

Guess we will be spending all morning on our computers here at Dunkin.  Hubby loves my
Ipad Touch so now I have my laptop to myself.
It is fun being here...we meet lots of talkative people.. a little like Panera?

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