Sunday, October 30, 2011

Studio update!

The door to my small studio is now left open.  It is no longer my messy art room but has become an inviting room in our home.  All it took was a high narrow bureau that we found in the "As Is" room at Ikea where I now have a hiding place for all my art supplies.

I keep wanting to thank so many of you for all your prayers through this amazing year with leukemia... but I keep waiting for the final assessment  that I will get the end of November when they do the bone marrow biopsy.  I had my last chemo last week and feel better than I have in years - Also have shed 20 lbs so that when I walk my legs don't say "I'll let you pass if you let me pass"!!!! I have lots more to lose but I am so thankful to not be carrying all that around.
I want to share all the blessings poured out on me through your prayers and through all the lessons from my Father.  I would not have missed it for anything.... no matter what may be the results of the biopsy.  He holds my hand and never lets me go!!!!

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